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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

When it comes to buying a new Android phone most will opt for a subsidised handset on a contract with a local carrier or reseller. While this is no doubt the safest choice for warranty and support, significant savings can be had if buying a handset outright through an online store, although there are some downsides to be considered.

Australian Carriers

Buying from an Australian carrier will be the choice for most people. Some also offer unlocked handsets for purchase outright so they can be used with another carrier. Handset selection may also be limited.

Online Retailers

For the vast majority, shopping online is trouble free, although if buying a phone from an overseas website (known as a grey import) and problems arise, support may be limited. You may also be required to send your phone overseas for warranty repairs. When shopping online, we advise against bank transfers but recommended using a credit card so that if a delivery or payment issue arises, your bank may be able to offer some assistance.

Country: Hong Kong

Country: Australia

No Worries
Country: Australia

Outright Mobile Phone
Country: Australia

Shopping Square
Country: Australia

Simply Mobiles
Country: Australia

Tiger Mobile
Country: Australia

Unique Mobiles
Country: Australia

Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure that every online store listed is reputable, Android Blog neither offers or provides any warranties in relation to these businesses or their products.

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