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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Andy The AndroidFor all you hardcore Android fans out there who are on the lookout for Android figurines and toys here’s something that might interest you. ‘Andy the Android’ is an amigurumi (Japanese for knitted or crocheted stuffed toy) doll made by Australian hobbyist crotcheter Xuan Nguyen. The cute little creation measures 12cm (about 4.5 inches) in length from the legs to the top of the antennas. It also contains weighted plastic pellets in the feet to help keep it upright.

For the sake of comparison the amigurumi doll is pictured next to a 3-inch Android figurine, a much sought after vinyl collectable designed and produced by Andrew Bell and Dyzplasic. Those who know about these mini figurines would know that they’re currently in short supply pretty much everywhere.

For those who’d like to own Andy the Android, the doll isĀ up for auction on eBay. The item will only ship to a buyer in either Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or New Zealand.

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