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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

HTC DesireTelstra gets aggressive with its HTC Desire pricing in what looks to be a response to Vodafone’s and Optus’ recent launches of their flagship Android handsets, Google Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy S respectively.

Telstra is now offering the HTC Desire on a $49 Next-G Cap Plan with $0 upfront cost on a 24-month contract, including 200 MB of data per month. Previously, the lowest plan available for the handset was the $60 Phone Plan with $0 upfront cost on a 24-month contract, including $10 worth of data per month.

Telstra’s HTC Desire pricing undercuts Vodafone’s $79 cap plan for the Nexus One by a significant $30 per month but is much closer to Optus’ $59 ‘yes’ Social Plan for the Samsung Galaxy S. I expect Vodafone to drop their prices for the Nexus One very soon in response to increasing competition from the other carriers.

Telstra is no doubt trying very hard to appeal to the everyday consumer with its aggressive pricing of the HTC Desire, a refreshing change from its usual premium price position.

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